Sunday, 27 May 2012

2012 Game 44

Highest Leverage PA:     3.1, PA#58 Zimmerman 2B vs Hudson, Nationals 7th.
Highest WPA/LI Value:    .115, PA #7, Ankiel 3B vs Hudson, Nationals 1st
QMAX rating:             (5,5) for Detwiler.
Bullpen Award:           None.
Batters' WPA/LI Values:
Zimmerman      0.094
Ankiel         0.092
Desmond        0.069
Wang           0.020
Tracy          0.000
Harper        -0.013
Flores        -0.020
Lombardozzi   -0.036
Detwiler      -0.045
Espinosa      -0.073
LaRoche       -0.144
And this one belongs to the Nationals' hitting. I don't count this as Detwiler's worst outing, because he didn't give up many hits. His command (or the umpire's strike zone) deserted him in this game as he gave up more walks than innings pitched. Also, is the #5 starter now going to be by committee?

Having lamented the lack of a sequential offense in my last game digest, we were treated to two examples of that in this game, with single, double, single, hit by pitch and triple producing four runs in the first. Then, in the seventh, two walks and two doubles added another three runs. Zimmerman's doubles in both of these innings helped him top the WPA/LI list. And this happened against a good team (although the Reds have been looking a bit better of late)! This game filled me with hope in the way the series against the Orioles triggered some unhappy flashbacks.

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