Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2012 Game 28 NATITUDE series

Work took longer than I anticipated, so the batting ratings will now be published tomorrow, including the results of tonight's stunning game.
Highest Leverage PA:         2.2, PA #19, Rollins 3g vs Zimmermann, Phils' 3rd.
                             2.2, PA #20, Pierre 43g vs Zimmermann, Phils' 3rd.
Highest Clutch Value:        .221, PA #26, Pence HR vs Zimmermann, Phils' 4th.
Lowest Opp Clutch Value:    -.074, PA #37, Victorino 463gdp vs Zimmermann, 5th.
QMAX rating:                 (4,4) for Zimmermann.
Bullpen Award:               None.
Batters' Leveraged Win Values:
Harper         0.117
Bernadina      0.040
Desmond       -0.001
Moore         -0.019
Werth         -0.020
Tracy         -0.036
Ramos         -0.042
Zimmermann    -0.042
Espinosa      -0.068
Nady          -0.076
Ankiel        -0.086
Lombardozzi   -0.122
I thought long and hard about awarding a Hero's Palm to Craig Stammen. He did yeoman's work in the 7th, coming in with the bases loaded and getting the team out of the jam. However, the palms are only awarded in victories. Otherwise, this was a thoroughly unremarkable game for the most part, even with Ryan Perry's implosion in the 9th. It came too late to do any real damage, although those two runs in the bottom of the inning would have been considerably more valuable if there had been no implosion.

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