Sunday, 13 May 2012

2012 Game 31

Highest Leverage PA:         4.9, PA #49, Jones K vs Strasburg, Pirates' 6th.
Highest Clutch Value:        .283, PA #40, LaRoche HR vs Correia, Nationals' 9th.
Lowest Opp. Clutch Value:   -.132, PA#49, Jones K vs Strasburg, Pirates' 6th
QMAX rating:                 Success Square (3,4) for Strasburg.
Bullpen Award:               Hero's Palm for Tyler Clippard.
Batters' Leveraged Win Values:
LaRoche        0.318
Bernadina      0.095
Strasburg      0.053
Ankiel         0.019
Zimmerman      0.013
Tracy          0.010
Harper        -0.014
Lombardozzi   -0.021
Flores        -0.081
Desmond       -0.112
Espinosa      -0.208
A game of True Outcomes, with Stephen Strasburg's thirteen strikeouts and the Nationals runs all coming on walks and home runs. Even the Pirates' 6th inning was dominated by True Outcomes, as only Jose Tabata's leadoff 6-3 ground out actually involved any fielders other than the catcher. The rest of the plate appearances were walks or strikeouts. Taking a look at 'the other side of the hill' (to allude to the Iron Duke), one notes that Kevin Correia also pitched into the Success Square, at a 3,3 rate. That means his outing was a little bit better than Strasburg's, for all the strikeouts. The difference is one walk. In QMAX, how you get outs is irrelevant.

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