Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tigers 2014 Game 47: Decem multis etiam est

Think back to Game 35 of the Nationals' season, three weeks ago on 9th May. Tommy Milone was backed up by three home runs, while Scott Hairston managed the highest LI Win Value with .022. This was almost the same, except that the Athletics hit FIVE home runs off Tigers' pitching, including the 8th inning grand slam off Phil Coke that seemed almost needless.

Highest Leverage PA:     1.7, PA#7, Cespedes pop-out vs Smyly, Athletics' 1st.
                         1.7, PA#8, Lowrie's fly-out vs Smyly, Athletics' 1st. 
Highest LI Win Value:   -.111, PA#13, Moss HR vs Smyly, Athletics' 2nd.
QMAX rating:             (6,4) for Smyly (Hit Hard).
Bullpen Award:           None.
Batters' Aggregate LI Win Values:
Romine         0.041
Cabrera        0.025
Castellanos    0.023
Worth         -0.036
V-Mart        -0.044
Holaday       -0.055
A-Jax         -0.056
Rajai         -0.062
Hunter        -0.063

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