Friday, 23 May 2014

Tigers 2014 Game 37: Perfectio

Highest Leverage PA:     4, PA#54, Pierzynski GDP vs Krol, Red Sox' 8th.
Greatest LI Win Value:   .276, PA#54, Pierzynski GDP vs Krol, Red Sox' 8th.
QMAX rating:             (2,4) for Scherzer (Success Square).
Bullpen Award:           Ian Krol, Hero's Palm.
Batters' Aggregate LI Win Values:
Hunter         0.069
Cabrera        0.010
Rajai         -0.026
A-Jax         -0.038
Castellanos   -0.040
Kinsler       -0.063
Worth         -0.073
Avila         -0.116
V-Mart        -0.148
The ideal baseball game, to me, has always been the one-run game, in which there are many baserunners, but only one scores. This game came as close to that as any one has reason to expect. Also, the run should be scored either very early in the game, or right at the end. When I watch a sporting event, I do not want to see dingers. I want to experience the tension of the tightrope.

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