Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nationals 2014 Game 32: surge in primis

Highest Leverage PA:     2, PA#14, Olivo K vs Zimmermann, Dodgers 2nd.
                         2, PA#50, Ethier ground out vs Storen, Dodgers 7th.   
Highest LI Win Value:    .135, PA#6, Rendon homer vs Greinke, Nationals 1st.
QMAX rating:             (5,3) for Zimmermann (Uncategorised).
Bullpen Award:           None.
Batters' Aggregate LI Win Values:
Span           0.121
Rendon         0.039
Hairston       0.025
Zimmermann     0.013
LaRoche        0.004
Moore          0.000
Espinosa      -0.001
Frandsen      -0.003
Leon          -0.004
Walters       -0.019
Werth         -0.029
McLouth       -0.050
Desmond       -0.078
'The Red Badge of Natitude' was awarded by F P Santangelo to the small number of fans (even the Dodger ones who congregated together) who were able to remain in the ballpark through a three-hour rain delay. This game was never really in doubt from the Nationals' point of view, and really does not offer the players much in the way of rewards, but nor in terms of demerits.

I have to wonder if Anthony Rendon and Denard Span should swap places in the lineup. Span's OBP is a humbling (for a leadoff hitter) .304, and Rendon's .331 might serve the team better in the leadoff spot. Span also has struck out in about 12 per cent of his plate appearances, whereas Rendon is at over 16 per cent. The tradition #2 hitter is a bat-control chap, and Span fits that a bit better. Of course, the sabermetric solution would probably be to put Rendon or Jayson Werth in the second spot, so maybe I should not complain.

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