Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Nationals 2014 Game 51: virtutus non semper est praemium

Tanner Roark pitched like an elite pitcher yesterday, and was rewarded with an 'L' in the box score. The relievers held up their end, too. No Marlins hitter reached on an error. So, if we blame anyone for the loss, it has to be the hitters. Either Santangelo or Carpenter was saying at one point in the game that the Nationals needed to get on base. Perhaps they do, but I count them going 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position. Ian Desmond has been hitting well of late, but yesterday he struck out twice with a runner in scoring position. My abiding image of the game, however, will be his third and final K, when he was absolutely fooled by the kind of swing-back action from a Steve Cishek pitch that would fool an All-Star.

Highest Leverage PA:     3.3, PA#66, W Ramos fly-out vs Cishek, Nationals 9th. 
Highest LI Win Value:    .234, PA#13, LaRoche HR vs Eovaldi, Nationals 6th.
QMAX rating:             (2,2) for Roark (Elite Square).
Bullpen Award:           None.
Batters' Aggregate LI Win Values:
LaRoche        0.167
Frandsen      -0.015
McLouth       -0.030
Roark         -0.032
Ramos         -0.041
Espinosa      -0.045
Rendon        -0.050
Werth         -0.070
Moore         -0.070
Span          -0.136
Desmond       -0.176

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