Thursday, 26 April 2012

2012 Game 18 notes

Highest Leverage PA:          2.9 PA #48, Hermida vs Zimmermann, Padres' 6th.
Highest Leveraged Win Value:  .135, PA #54, LaRoche vs Spence, Nationals' 7th.
QMAX rating:                  Elite Square (2,2) for Zimmermann.
Bullpen Award:                None
Batters' Leveraged Win Values:
LaRoche        0.234
DeRosa         0.059
Werth          0.053
Ramos          0.036
Bernadina      0.023
Gorzelanny     0.016
Ankiel         0.012
Espinosa       0.010
Desmond        0.007
Lombardozzi   -0.031
Tracy         -0.050
The result was never really in doubt, as the relatively low leverage of Hermida vs Zimmermann indicates. The bats came alive for this one, as a cumulative win value total of .369 for the batters shows. Nonetheless, Zimmermann's great outing (not a walk!) was of considerable value as well. Gorzelanny fell a few points short of the threshold for a Hero's Palm, given the five-run lead that Zimmermann and the hitters gave him.

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