Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Nationals' Bullpen Goat of the Day #2

I didn't expect this to become a daily feature, but the bullpen was handed the lead in yesterday's game and managed to pass it back to the Pirates.

The game was marred by some curious decision-making by Manny Acta. In the bottom of the fifth, he pinch-hit for the pitcher. Starter Detwiler had been going well, and we all know the bullpen is stretched to cover four innings at the end of the game, so why make it start the sixth when you don't have to? I like Alex Cintron more than most, perhaps, but it's not as if he's a terrific pinch-hitter. Check his 'As PH' line in this chart, if you don't believe me.

Later in the game, down by three, Acta plays the infield in. Huh? I can see playing the infield in if you're down by one, but by three? Naturally, another run scores. Then, after Wells has seen off two left-handed batters, Acta replaces him with Beimel, using up another bullpen pitcher. Finally, he leaves closer Hanrahan in to throw over thirty pitches, in a game the Nationals seem likely to lose.

Reliever            Effect on 
Win Expectancy
Colome -0.703
Mock -0.648
Hanrahan -0.078
Wells -0.053
Beimel 0.002

Mock got the blown save and the loss, but he's not the Goat of the Day.

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