Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Daniel Cabrera to the QMAX

Using the old QMAX method of the Big Bad Baseball Annual, we get the following for Daniel Cabrera before tonight's start:

Apr 08 5,3 -- 4.45 ERA
Apr 13 5,4 -- 5.69 ERA
Apr 19 2,5 Power Precipice 2.92 ERA
Apr 25 6,5 Hit Hard 10.46 ERA
Apr 30 2,5 Power Precipice 2.92 ERA
May 06 5,5 -- 7.42 ERA

Sadly, he's winless in spite of two good outings.

EDIT: Last night (May 11) Cabrera was hit really hard, 6,7 for a 17.78 ERA, his worst outing of the season. I think the Washington Times wants him gone. The Post is down on him, too. I don't know, I think I'd give him a little more rope. I believe he's scheduled to pitch Saturday. (04h02, 13 May, BST)

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