Monday, 18 May 2009

Nationals' Bullpen Goat of the Day #1

The Washington Nationals blew yesterday's game in spectacular fashion, as Anderson Hernandez apparently was confused by the old 'hidden ball' trick. Unfortunately, it was his own team playing the trick on him! To quote from the Post:
'Hernández initially thought Zimmerman picked up the ball. The second baseman watched for the throw from the wrong source...."I throw it on the bag," Colome said. "Anderson, he thought Zimmerman was throwing the ball, not me."
"I lost it," Hernández said. "I didn't even see who had it." '

Well, move along folks, nothing to see here.

I've decided to start a feature, identifying the bullpen reliever who does the most damage in a Nationals' defeat, after being handed a lead. So, here's yesterday's rankings, by Win Expectancy, for the inaugural Bullpen Goat of the Day
Reliever            Effect on 
Win Expectancy
Colome -0.865
Tavárez -0.519
Beimel -0.133
Villone 0.123

There's an old soccer joke about 'Jesus saves; [insert striker's name of your choice] scores on the rebound.'

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