Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tigers 2014 Games 73, 74, 75: verrunt in Texas

The Tigers began their Texas tour with a visit to the Ballpark at Arlington, possibly my least favourite ballpark in the major leagues, with its pastiche approach to architectural design. They came away with three victories, led by the bats of Ian Kinsler and Victor Martinez. The starting pitching was solid, with an excellent start from Rick Porcello, but the bullpen again suffered ugly moments, with both Joe Nathan and Al Alburquerque giving cause for concern in Game 74 (25th June). From here it was on to Houston, to face an Astros team that wasn't playing with quite the verve it had in late May and early June.

QMAX ratings:   (3,3) for Smyly (Success Square)
                (5,3) for Sanchez (Uncategorised)
                (1,2) for Porcello (Elite Square)

Bullpen Awards: None

Batters' Aggregate LI Win Values: 
Kinsler       0.285
V-Mart        0.230
Avila         0.066
Suarez        0.061
Davis         0.054
Jackson       0.029
JD-Mart       0.005
Cabrera       0.004
Holaday      -0.018
Castellanos  -0.049
Hunter       -0.111

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