Wednesday, 25 June 2014

2014 Nationals Game 75: omnes salve basipilus ex Earl Weaver!

All hail the three-run homer! Adam LaRoche's bat pretty much carried the team to victory, with his home run in the third inning. I was not particularly confident after the bases-loaded flop in the second inning, but my pessimism proved unwarranted, even after Gio Gonzalez pitched himself into a jam in the Brewers' third. The bullpen never looked worried, either. The ideal game for aficionados of Earl Weaver baseball, with a quality pitching performance and enough offense to bring home the 'W'.
Highest Leverage PA:     3.1, Gomez fly out vs Gonzalez, Brewers 3rd. 
Highest LI Win Value:   .554 LaRoche homer vs Garza, Nationals 3rd.
QMAX rating:             (3,4) for Gonzalez (SS).
Bullpen Award:           None.
Batters' Aggregate LI Win Values:
LaRoche        0.601
Desmond        0.214
Werth          0.113
Zimmerman      0.043
Rendon        -0.004
Dobbs         -0.005
Hairston      -0.010
Span          -0.068
Espinosa      -0.243
Gonzalez      -0.291
Lobaton       -0.296

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