Thursday, 24 April 2014

Nationals 2014 Game 22: Miraculum die S. Georgii

Highest Leverage PA:     4.8, PA#79, Werth double vs Fieri, Nationals 9th.
Highest LI Win Value:    .317, PA#79, Werth double vs Fieri, Nationals 9th.
QMAX rating:             (3,4) for Gonzalez (Success Square).
Bullpen Award:           None.
Batters' Aggregate LI Win Values:
Werth          0.214
LaRoche        0.176
Espinosa       0.090
Span           0.020
Gonzalez       0.015
Rendon         0.010
Lobaton       -0.008
Harper        -0.015
McLouth       -0.042
Walters       -0.054
Desmond       -0.131

So when we got to the ninth inning, I think we all had given up. There was a note of resignation in Charlie Slowes' voice. I was planning to write something about how the Nationals have been a bit disappointing this season. Bryce Harper's two-strike bunt was attracting my ire.

Then, Saint George came to our rescue to slay the... Well, maybe one shouldn't take that too far, but the Angels were certainly Fallen last night. Jayson Werth, who has been my favourite Nationals' position player for some time, and whose Game 4 heroics are possibly the high watermark of this 'generation' of Nationals, came through again. Note that his LevIn Win Value has now exceeded one win. That means one of those Nationals' twelve wins is entirely due to Werth's bat. (Of course, the data is incomplete, so that may fall as I add more past results.) I am getting rather tired of hearing the likes of Carpenter and Santangelo bemoaning his lack of hits Let's look at OBP, chaps.

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