Saturday, 13 June 2009

STOP PRESS - Acta Rumours

Oleanders and Morning Glories tells of a Ken Rosenthal (RoboThal to the Baseball Primer cognoscenti) report that the Sword of Damocles has dropped lower over Manny Acta's head.

The Washington Times' blog has this quote from Kasten: "And yet, we have a record of 16-43, which is, to me, inexplicable."

Really? What would be explicable with this roster, with its inadequate bullpen and atrocious outfield defence? 30-24? 22-37? 17-42?

I really hate it when top-level management shove the middle-level management under the wheels of a passing bus. We all know Bowden was at the root of the problem, the Bowden that was kept on far too long by ownership. Mr Kasten, maybe you didn't want him, but your associates ensured that he stayed to cause even more damage. Don't blame Mr Acta for failings at your level of the operation.

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