Saturday, 29 July 2017

2017 Tigers Game 101: Boo-ruce!

Pity poor Jordan Zimmermann. He has been having a difficult time for two seasons, and yesterday he did all one can ask a starting pitcher to do, deliver a Quality Seven-Inning Start. A starting pitcher's job is to keep his team in the game, preferably with the lead. Job done, Jordan!

The Tigers' hitters could have done a little bit better, but through seven they were doing just enough. Even Miguel Cabrera broke out of his slump in one plate appearance, hitting a home run in the 5th.

Sadly, though, one has to issue a Goat of the Day Award, because Bruce Rondon couldn't get any of the first three batters out. Dink, dink, DONG! Cabrera managed to convert a foul pop by Yasiel Gurriel into an out, allowing Rondon to claim a third of an inning.

The fans at Comerica were annoyed enough to boo Bruce. But I'd rather lose like this than by umpty-teen runs, and a position player on the mound.

QMAX rating: Jordan  Zimmermann, Success Square
GotD Award: Bruce  Rondon, -.563 win value. 
Batters win values:
Machado        0.053
V-Mart         0.034
Mahtook        0.011
McCann        -0.018
Cabrera       -0.049
Romine        -0.065
J-Upton       -0.073
Castellanos   -0.094
Kinsler       -0.235

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